Photography is all about creating and capturing a moment. It is the bridge between how we feel now, how we may feel in the future and how we felt in the past. With my camera, I capture your magic and every single one of my photoshoots is its own special experience. I love to take photos of travelling the world. I enjoy artistic nudes. I am also available to photograph honeymoons, portraits, pets, pregnancies and babies.

Furthermore, I also work with web photography, and I am always open to exploring new avenues. You can also sign up to my annual trips, where we will head to a remote corner of the world with a group of photography enthusiasts to learn the basics of photography! 

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Pregnancy and Baby Shoots

Photography is just like painting with light. Let me join you on your journey, and capture it in its entirety. From pregnancy to birth and their first days, with respectful pictures of your most intimate moments, taken without flash, but with love. I will use my skills as a photographer and my skills as a woman and a mother to make your magical experience even more unforgettable.

Artistic nudes and Boudoir photography

Our skin is like a canvas, where our most intimate history is told and photography is the perfect tool to tell it. There is beauty in all of our bodies, in the same way that there is geometry and there is life. Although almost all our nude and boudoir session begin in the same way (self-aware at first, but little by little, relaxing into your own skin), the results are incredible: You will feel comfortable in front of the mirror, and treat your body as an object d’art. You will see the portrait and all it’s imperfections as empowering and as a giant boost to your self-confidence. 

I will always ensure that every session, whether with a couple or with an individual, takes place in an amazing, warm, respectful environment where everybody feels comfortable.

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We all take care in choosing the right place to spend our honeymoon We spend a fortune and when we get home, there are three types of photos: Individual photos (I take one of you, you take one of me), selfies and photos that a complete stranger has done us the favour of taking (with a photo quality entirely dependent on who’s agreed to take them).

What if instead, you could take a professional photographer to capture every moment of your trip, and take photos that are as worthy of your special trip as you are? The amount of time you get on a honeymoon is directly inverse to how much you have to spend, so it would be a shame if you came back and the photographs weren’t up to scratch. The experience of having a photographer constantly available, for both posed and paparazzi-style shots is worth more than money, and the best way to remember your honeymoon for the rest of your life.

Photography trips

Photos of our trips away are the best way to give a colour and a shape to the feeling I get whenever I travel. Even if you love travel and you love photography, there are always places you put off visiting because they make you feel a bit nervous, or because you haven’t got anyone to go with, and it’s a long way. And it can be disappointing when you finally get there and discover that you do not always know how to best capture the basics of a picture either. 

If this sounds like you, then the answer to all your problems is one of our Nima Photography Trips. You’ll travel with a small group of people who are just like you, and get a digital photography course to learn all the skills you’ll need while you’re there. You will even get to meet new friends. Sounds great, right?

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Someone once told me that when you take a portrait, you are left with a little piece of the soul of the person whose photo you have taken. There is more too: A portrait should be, somehow, a window to the soul. It’s not a mere image of the body, but an expression of what we carry inside us, what we want to show everyone else. Historically, portraits have always been a symbol of family, political power and of status within ones profession. It would be a pleasure for me to be able to find your best angle to really show who you and what you are trying to show, whether for personal or professional reasons.


You know what they say -a dog is a man’s best friend- and a woman’s too! Not just dogs either, come to that. There are also cats, rabbits, tortoises… Whatever your pet might be, it’s an important part of your family and your life. Just like you, I like to have photos of my human relatives just as much as I like to have photos of my four-legged ones. So why not have a photoshoot with your puppy who’s just come home for the first time, or with the animal you’ve spent half your life with? I enjoy capturing the spontaneity of animals and the relationship they have with their humans, without a the confines of a studio or artificial lighting. I can assure you that everyone involved will have a great time on these shoots.

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