Do you need quality content for your magazine, newspaper or publication? Get in touch, because I love to tell stories through imagery just as much as words.

Gift Vouchers

Want to give a gift as unique as it is unforgettable? Give the gift of a session or a workshop with Nima. It can be used for any of our photography sessions and is valid for an entire year.


I am available for group workshops. If you would prefer to learn without other people around, that is no problem, as we can go for an individual session instead. SLR camera hire included.

Blog trips

Are you part of a tourism board or a company that would like to promote your area or brand on our Nima blog? Get in touch! If we can work something out, I would be delighted to be able to work with you.

Photo sales

Need photos for around the house or the office? Just looking for a digital copy? You’re in luck, because we also sell our images. There is a selection on our website, but I have far more in stock. Contact me directly to view the complete collection.

Photography trips

If you want to learn the basics of photography from scratch and you have a taste for adventure, why not come on one of our photography trips with up to ten people, anywhere on the planet. Are you in?

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